Thursday, July 4, 2013

Liberty and Independence

I am but only grasping how deeply committed one must be to strive for liberty. It may be age or simply the ability to see clearly with wisdom and grace. 

What matters most stands at my door, lifts every breath to that which I hold dear. The days not numbered but labored by their measure.

Had there not been courage and fellowship to stand with difference of opinion a Congress of men may have leisured to lobby their ports and pleasures.

Instead through fortitude, loss and great hardship what we cherish as freedom found pockets in colonies to render hope.

What thirteen stoked in fires atop hilltops now brings friends and families across a wide birth of reason to reenact their faith by congregating together.

As eyes go skyward and other nations undertake a vision for a principled liberty I am but reminded that standing by and with those whose hearts cry freedom I am making plain that words give life it's liberty beyond mere declaration. 

c2013 Ann-Marie Adams ~ Awake to the Notion #WordStrings 

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